Modest Fashion: NATASHA, faith-based luxury brand, delivers a powerful message with each stitch

FIT Alumni, Natasha Lambkin, recently shared the spiritual journey behind her self-titled brand, N A T A S H A, with our Editor-in-Chief.

Her overarching corporation, Tashee started with Natasha’s personal conviction of immodesty during her modeling career. Despite establishing a successful career in modeling, Natasha wasn't fond of the sexist nature that accompanied her work.

She highlighted that oftentimes professionals promoted nudity and expected talent to compromise their self-worth and values by posing in revealing fashions.

These circumstances created a continuous emptiness within her. To illustrate her feelings during this time, she states:

"I was in and out of the world, and I knew only God could feel the void I was experiencing. So, I yielded to him and began to grow in him. As I grew in Christ, he began to show me things about myself."

After her encounter, she enlisted an agent to help her secure bookings that were reflective of her values; however, her steadfastness lead to her split from the industry.

From modeling, she transitioned into the corporate world. After a year in her position, she received a word from God encouraging her to create a fashion brand that promoted his word.

Baffled with his request, Natasha sought real-world examples. God began to send her confirmation after confirmation that affirmed his word and showed her the plausibility of his call.

In 2015, she designed her first collection and launched it the following season. Upon the release, the demand for the collection surged abundantly with a host of great reviews to follow.

In 2018, NATASHA launched Warrior, a prequel to her Redemption collection along with Warrior: The Story Behind The Collection Movie which premiered at Brooklyn Fashion Week. The docu-drama illustrates avenues for combating spiritual warfare.

In December of 2019, Her brand hosted a successful fashion experience, The Redemption Experience, to showcase her 2020 Spring/Summer Collection. Natasha effortlessly adapted the time when Jesus walked the earth and fed the multitude of people with one fish and five loaves of bread. Her presentation inspired and encouraged her attendees with enlightening messages ushering them into a relationship with God.

We love this brand because it allows women to satisfy their spirituality and embrace their femininity without losing sight of their purpose in Christ.

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