Innovative designer, Menyelek Rose, gives new meaning to a classic game

The Menyelek spring-summer 2020 NYFW presentation was a multilayered conceptual masterpiece that spoke to the current social climate in Brooklyn while highlighting the duality of masculinity and femininity.

Hosted in a rustic basement with exposed brick and flayed walls, the show began in complete darkness followed by a wall-shaking mix of tunes that filled you with electricity as you awaited for the presentation to begin. When the lights rose, a basketball court emerged along with a referee and two teams of athletic women clothed in colorful paneled dresses detailed with red and white lace, glittery silver numbering, embroidered skulls and hearts, and textured compressions appeared, and the games began.

Photo Credits: @menyelek_ // @vhncol

The competition amongst the women was extremely fierce. Each player brought their full game to the court exhibiting the amount of movement and bounce each dress possessed.

This illustration of powerful women and culture resembled the women in today’s society who defy gender norms and fearlessly create change and pave the way for generations to come. The game of basketball displayed the relationship between the game and the rich culture of Brooklyn. The act brought awareness to a seemingly forgotten aspect of NYC and reminded guests of the character and meaning the sport gave the community.

Photo Credits: @menyelek_ // @vhncol

Menyelek Rose’s show was the literal definition of Black art and innovation.

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