Emmy-nominated Costume Designers, Rita & Alita, share stories and advice with aspiring creatives

The sweet-smelling aroma of organic jars of body butter, oils, and scrubs filled the air as attendees entered the Bohemian hideaway, Eighth & Style. Curator of My Cool Black Friends, Paula Renee’ gave warm welcomes and offered a decadent spread of appetizers twain with chilled beverages to help settle guests in. The sounds of good music lead the evening as groups of creative women huddled in conversation and shared laughter.

As Rita and Alita arrived, they greeted guests with lots of love. Hostess, Alanna introduced the ladies of the hour and got right to business. Throughout the conversation, the pair dropped tons of gems about starting a career in Costume Design. Rita urged the importance of being a lifelong learner as she explained her interning experience as a college graduate. When asked what it took to work in the industry, she stated that passion, talent, and being interpersonal were a must.

Photo Credits: @genres_of_art

As the night rolled on, the sisters told stories of chaotic set days, times when their expertise shone, and the growth they’ve witnessed within the budding film industry of Atlanta. Alita explained that improvisation and keeping a solutions-based mindset in times of frenzy were needed aspects. She also ensured that being vulnerable and asking questions in times of confusion was always the right thing to do.

Photo Credits: @ritamcgheeofficial

As the event came to a close, the duo left the audience with a final tip. They concluded that the underlying recipe for success was working with integral people while being positive, enjoying the work, and remaining stress-free.

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