Bold and Boundless: Award-winning designer, SNOW XUE GAO, presents a modern take on the 1970s Teddy

Last Saturday, Guests flooded emerging fashion designer Snow Xue Gao’s in-house atelier in Mid-town Manhattan, New York to get a glimpse of her spring-summer 2020 womenswear collection.

Gao took guests on a trip to the Me Decade a period where youth vocalized, challenged, and rebelled against societal restraints. This generation prodded their imagination to shatter the rules of fashion, creating styles such as punk rock, bohemian flower power, and teddy boy and girls.

Photo Credits: @snowxuegao

In this collection, Snow mirrors the concepts of the past through a futuristic lens. Using gender and sexuality, Gao’s asymmetric draping of colorful abstract prints and sharp tailored lines of blazers blur the conventional definitions of feminine and masculine creating an androgynous aesthetic. Each look forms its own persona paying homage to muses like Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and Nico. This deeply thoughtful collection combines classic elements while remaining daring and creative.

Photo Credits: @snowxuegao

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