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For years, I let the weight of the world bring me down. I conformed to the opinions of society for acceptance. I happily poured into people while they neglected my sincerity. I searched for validation at every corner, but In the midst of the chaos, I lost my identity. I forgot how fearless I was, how creatively I thought, and the uniqueness that I possessed. 


I realized that my sorrows came from making my happiness contingent on the satisfaction of others. After awakening, I pushed my being into full throttle, and I began setting goals with intention. 


Beginning in August of 2018, I sent myself through a loop of comfort-nudging challenges. I premiered on #BossTalkThePodcast hosted by @mjthablogger of @heyblkgirl. By the end of September, I landed a position as an assistant to Fashion and Entertainment Journalist, Tysha White of @styledtoatea blog and #statempowermentevents.


In October of 2018, I decided to step out on faith, and create Pasilor, a platform that shares my take on fashion and style by discovering and supporting emerging designers and highlighting eccentricity in current brands.


As I look back on my past, I feel no regret. All the heartaches, conflict, and confusion were a part of my coming forth. I need that pain so that I could unleash my passions buried within.


I've learned that sometimes you have to step outside yourself, and remind the discombobulated you to STOP fronting like you ain’t got the juice! Today, I dare you to start snatching glasses and filling your own cup. Welcome to a world that’s all mine. Let’s get it!

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